How to Set Up a Blog

If you’re pondering how to set up a blog and trying to figure out what the best course of action is to put together a blog is-then you have come to the correct document! I’ll give you advice on which method(s) to use to make your blog contingent on what sort of blog you may want, whether you desire to make money from it, and how long you want to devote to setting up your blog. Subjects that I’ll go over will be: 1. Whether to create a blog using a hosted blog site (like or or to use a blog platform (like, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type). 2. Comparisons between hosted blog sites–Blogger vs. 3. Comparisons between the blog platform against other blog platforms. 4. If you should put time into learning HTML, CSS, or any Programming. 5. What’s the best way to make income with your blog. So proceed if you desire to learn how to make a amazing blog! Hosted Blog vs. Host Your Own Blog Option 1) Use a shared domain blog A shared domain blog is a type of blog that you don’t have to pay to host on a web server. You can design these at,, etc. If you want to use this option, you’ll be using what is known as a “shared domain blog” because you’ll have .blogspot or .wordpress after your blog’s URL like or Setting up a blog using a hosted blog is extremely simple to do and free. You can set up a blog and start using it within a couple minutes if you use or! Blogger vs. WordPress If you are debating which to set up your blog with just know that both are pretty simple to make. I think blogger is a little more user friendly while WordPress is a little nicer looking. Also, has nice tools to simply use Google AdSense Ads in your blog so you can earn money but WordPress is the best option if you want to customize your blog. Option 2) Use a Host (that you pay for) to Host Your Site With this option you use a blog platform (like WordPress–*from and as opposed to and purchases space on a Host’s web servers. But why would you spend money to have your blog hosted you could use at or and host your blog for free? Well there are actually three big reasons: 1. You have more control over how your blog is designed. 2. You have much more control over how you monetize your blog (more monetization options = more income for you!) 3. You’re blog will look more original-making your blog seem more credible. If you are thinking about setting up a blog using this route the you’ll be happy to know it is actually pretty easy to do. Blog platforms can be uploaded to a server and created in a matter of minutes. There’s instructions for how to do this at each blog platform’s websites (ex. If You Want To Set Up Your Blog with a Host–do this: 1. Create an account with a host. 2. Most good hosts will place a one click installation button on their site for different blog platforms (like WordPress, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type)-so click the install button…and you’re ready to blog (it’s that easy)! *If your host doesn’t give you access to a one click installation option for the blog platform you desire, just follow these steps: 1. Download a blogging platform (like WordPress (from, Typepad, Blogsmith, Movable Type, etc) from their respective websites. 2. Start an account with a host. 3. Upload your blog platform to the host you choose. 4. Start your blog! WordPress vs. the Rest: I have tried out numerous blog platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years and I have determined that the best blog platform is WordPress. It is user friendly, it has many people using it (and updating it and pointing out any problems it has to developers), there are a ton of websites and forums to aid you if you have a problem, and there’s tons of ways to customize it. Also, WordPress is going out and implementing more complex features that other blog platforms are behind in. So, if you may want to expand your blog to feel more like a website that includes things like forums, shopping carts, or other advanced features–Wordpress is the best blog platform for you. Also, WordPress one of the easier blog platforms to put together. Do You Need To Know HTML, CSS, or Programming? If you are using a hosted blog at blogger or WordPress you do not need to devote time to study these skills. Devoting a little time to learning some HTML will help customize your blog at times but you can always look for a certain code online when you want to customize something to your blog. However, Set up your blog using a blog platform (like WordPress from teaching yourself some HTML will aid you in the long run. I would not recommend use up much of your valuable time to learning it but if you have a very basic knowledge you can achieve a lot with your blog. *note-you can still set up a great blog without ever teaching yourself HTML, CSS, or Programming. Make Money with Your Blog There are bloggers that can make a fantastic living form a single blog! But, if your goal is to just blog about your life, a subject, or get the word out about for an issue–than building a blog on a hosted blog site (like or is probably your best bet. Hosted blog websites are pretty easy to use and you don’t need to host your blog with a host that charges you. That way you can just enjoy blogging and not waste time with administrative things. But, if you want a blog that makes decent money than setting up your blog with a blog platform (like is what you should do because blog platforms give you many more ways to customize your blog, how you can place ads on your blog, and what kinds of features you can use with the blog. I’m hoping that this webpage has helped you figure out the best way to set up a blog. Blogging about things I love is a hobby of mine but the great aspect about this hobby is that it makes me a lot of money! Surprisingly there are a ton of easy methods to monetize your blog that will bring you income for years to come. If you’re interested in learning how to make money with your a blog, about the five bad traps bloggers get themselves into, and the ways to decide on a niche for your blog then click this to see a free report I have at my website! Published at: