Get $100 an hour as an Advice Columnist Writer

Hello there, my name is Charlotte Craig, and I have worked as an advice columnist writer for nearly forty years. Yes – a long time! Why did I get into this work? I wanted to work from home, be my own boss, have some control over how many hours and what those hours were, be paid well for the work I do and do something helpful and interesting. How many jobs are there that you can do from home that fit all of those? Very few.

So here I am nearly forty years later well known and often mentioned in the press, being asked to go on radio and television, lots of famous clients and arrived at the top of the ladder in my career. This means I now take a back seat and am not interested in dealing with all of the pleas for help that come through my letter box and emails. Hence I need help. I need people who are great at working out solutions to problems, answers to questions, making decisions. Who are good with people, who are naturally kind and caring towards others, who are genuinely wanting to help others. People with a lot of common sense and savvy. They can be male or female, I really do not care.
It is very unlikely they have done this work before because – let us be honest – very few people do this type of work. I am quite happy for someone with no experience and no qualifications to come along and join our team if they have the qualities we seek.

By the way – where you live does not matter either. You can live on the top of a mountain surrounded by glaciers where you never see another human, so long as you have electricity and a computer because you work online.
My staff work 5 or more hours a week and they earn $100 or more an hour. Fit it around your existing lifesetyle or job. It does not have to change your life at all, it can just add to it.

One of my websites, the one I will direct you to, also advertises jobs from other websites, radio, television, magazines, newspapers etc, anywhere that seeks people to do similar work. So you should also spend a few minutes looking at what other vacancies are available right now and whether or not they might suit you. Our site is the only one that features such vacancies.

The Hidden Job Market: Urban Legend or Reality?

If you’ve been in the job search for even half a second, you’ve heard of the hidden job market. But what is it? Does it even exist? And if it does, how are you supposed to apply for, and win a job you can’t even find?

The hidden job market does exist.

It is made up of those jobs that are waiting to be filled, but you can’t find the postings. The most common reaction to the very idea of a hidden job market is this: Why wouldn’t it be posted so everyone could see it?

It happens for a lot of reasons: Maybe an employer has an obscure website where they posted the job, so it doesn’t come up in a Google search–so if you don’t go to that specific site, you won’t see it. Some job postings are given to recruiters, so the recruiter does that work for them.

Maybe the company hasn’t gotten around to posting the job, or they think someone’s dealing with it but no one is, or the manager realizes that he needs some function done but hasn’t gotten around to developing a job description. But if you, the perfect candidate, were to call him right now, and show him whatever it is that you do for an organization that drives profits or lowers costs, or solve a problem that he has, he would be very interested in talking to you..

The other hidden jobs are the ones that aren’t created yet. In smaller companies (with less than 100 employees), it’s not uncommon that they will create a position to fit a candidate if that candidate can show that he or she fills a need and can provide a solution for the organization.In larger companies, it’s harder to do that, but in smaller companies, they have that flexibility.

So: Is the hidden job market an urban legend? Not at all.

Hidden jobs are what you need to be looking for. Some of the best jobs around are those jobs that haven’t been posted for the world to find.

There’s only one way to find hidden jobs: go directly to hiring managers.

They are the decision makers. They are the ones who are most invested in finding a solution for the problems they’re facing. Skip HR–you’ll just get lost in the shuffle. Contacting those hiring managers directly gets you in their line of sight. Get to know them and start a dialogue, so that when that job becomes available, you’re on their mind.

Are You in a Dead End Job that Makes You Feel Dead Inside? 10 Ways to Help You Move On!

Are You in a Dead End Job That Makes You Feel Dead Inside? 10 Ways to Help You Move On!

Being in a job like this is like being in a cage with the gate open. You know you can leave but fear (perhaps of loss of income, benefits, something new or different) keeps you from walking out. Being in a job like this drains you of your energy, preventing you from doing things to allow you to move on. When these jobs leave you with no autonomy or ability to be creative and learn new skills, to basically grow personally and professionally, it might be time to leave.
If you are stuck in your job for whatever reasons, see my other blog entries as well, as you will need them to survive. For those of you who are planning your exit here are some survival tips until you set yourself free:

1.Plan. Get your resume together. Dream of what you want to do. Dream big.

2.Research. Look into jobs and training you will need. See what is out there and what you have to do.

3.Apply for jobs. Network network network.

4.If you plan to start your own business, make your business plan and start it while working at your job, unless you can afford to quit. Most can’t afford to do so and will have to balance the business planning, meetings, networking with the job and home life. Perhaps you will start your business in the fall so you can recoup most of your expenses during tax time. Then you will have money saved or more to invest in your business.

5.Take care of yourself. You will be busier no matter what you choose to do. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep enough and play. Schedule time to decompress and de-stress. Create a schedule for time spent at your job, new venture, time for yourself and time with those who are important to you. Think quality over quantity here.

6.If not starting your own business, find something that gives you meaning and a sense of purpose, and while looking for a more fulfilling job, and put energy into those things rather than wasting it on feeling helpless. You might also want to invest in some continuing education or training to enhance your skills or learn new ones.

7.You might find yourself thinking of changing career fields. Be careful that you are not reacting to burnout from your current job and life situation. If you do want to change fields, then get the training you will need for that. If your job reimburses for tuition, smile knowing you are getting something meaningful from the company, and gaining new skills that will enable you to leave.

8.Get support from friends, family, spiritual groups, online supports etc. Talk to other co-workers that might be feeling the same way, but be careful not to fuel each others’ negativity and focus on solutions.

9.If you are really stressing out, and it is negatively impacting other areas of your life, such as family, marriage, health…you might want to consult a professional. A psychologist can help you sort out what is burn out vs. other stressors in your life and the best course of action to take.

10.Remember to laugh and have fun. You have already concluded that it is a dead end job, but don’t want to burn any bridges. You also don’t want to invest any energy into the job that you don’t have to. Do what is required and balance your time so you can forge ahead.

Know that you are not trapped like you think. Do something for yourself. Take it day by day. Have things in your life outside of work to look forward to. Cut people out of your life, or at least limit time spent with those who drag you down and don’t support your ambitions. When irritated or feeling down refocus on what you are heading toward. Remember that everything is temporary. Know that you are creating the life you will soon be living.

Job Blogs Worth Reading

A great way to get a leg up on the competition when seeking out a new job is to see what the job blogs have to offer. If you conduct a Google, Yahoo, or Bing search looking for job blogs you will be bombarded with millions of returns. Some are worth reading every single day and most are quite simply a waste of your time, but how do you know which job blogs are worth reading?

While you can always go onto the bigger job sites such as Career Builder and to read over their blogs, those tend to be a bit more impersonal. Here are some job blogs that will provide you with a wealth of information using some traditional methods and some not so traditional methods:

o Personal Branding: This blog is all about helping you to brand yourself and your image. These days it is not enough to have great skills and a wonderful resume. Employers are now going after those who can best ‘market’ themselves and their skills and convey why they will make the perfect fit for the position.

o CAREEREALISM: The creator of this blog states that it was created because the old methods of job searching simply don’t work anymore. The blog has many video entries and often features guest blogs by some of the top names in the job seeking industry. The blog offers cutting edge advice on first finding, then keeping a great job.

o JobGoRound: The author of this blog writes ideas and tips for those looking to shift gears in their career life. Because staying at the same job for a lifetime is a notion that is not seen much these days it is important to know when to look for other opportunities and how to go about it.

o Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist: Trunk is known for her ability to use personal experiences within the blog and offers a lot of conventional wisdom about career choices. She also tells it like it is and never candy-coats anything which is a refreshing change from many of the job blogs out today.

o Punk Rock HR: The author of this blog has done time for various Fortune 500 companies and writes about those experiences in the blog. HR, which is an acronym for human resources, is often the first point of contact for someone seeking a job at a company. The author’s witty and often funny insight sheds light on the other side of the fence helping you be prepared for what is to come and what is to be expected of you.

Once again there are many other job blogs that you can view but you will be hard-pressed to find many that rival the wit, talent, and flat out accuracy of these job blogs. While a good job tip is a good job tip, a good job blog is an almost endless supply of good job tips and will help even the most novice of job seekers find a career that they can really sink their teeth into.

Jason Kay is a professional resume writer and provides guidance with federal job applications. He contributes to career magazines and websites such as, which provides KSA writing services and KSA samples. Read the latest career advice articles on the web’s premiere Employment magazine [].

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Earn Up to $500 Per Day With Online Data Entry Jobs – Blog Commenting!

Making extra money is a dream of everyone! And, how great it would be if you are given a chance to make money just by sitting at home? The good part is that you can make as much money as you want! Yes! This is because of the potential data entry jobs currently floating in the market. Thousands of employers are seeking for aspiring data entry clerks and professionals!

If you think you can copy, cut, and paste in Microsoft Word and Excel, then you must do these jobs. A typical data entry job can get you as much as $500 per day. But, you should remember that there is no limit on how much you can earn with data entry jobs. This is because these entry jobs are unlimited and you can get regular work, only if you are working with a regular and legitimate employer.

Except cutting and pasting, most of the data entry jobs require you to comment on various blogs. This commenting is done for link building purposes, which is a very hot topic now-a-days. Thousands of online entrepreneurs want to create back links for their websites and hence they hire people who can do the job for them. In return, you can get a good sum as remuneration!

Typical blog commenting pay rates vary from $0.5 per comment to $2 per comment. This actually and solely depends upon the type and budget of employer. If you meet a very healthy and strong employer, chances are that you can make more than $3 or $4 per blog comment. A comment needs to be of 4-5 lines related to the niche of the blog post.

Now, here is how you can make more than $500 per day with blog commenting: Employers need hundreds of thousands of blog comments every day for their heavy link building tasks. If your employer asks you to make 50 blog comments per day (which is not very unusual), and if you have 5 similar employers (which is also not very unusual), then you are already earning $500 a day with this simple data entry job!

If you want to earn $500 per day with data entry jobs, then just click:

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Blogging – Should You Quit Your Day Job to Blog?

I am a firm advocate of blogging. I am also living proof that you can make a living writing on the Internet. Beyond this, I believe that there are many untapped markets and opportunities just waiting for the right person when it comes to blogging.

Do I believe that you should quit your day job to blog? Nope. At least, not to start with. Why? There are at least four good reasons why you shouldn’t quit your day job to blog:

Blogging takes time to go from startup into a reliable source of revenue. Generally speaking, a blog will take at least six months before it begins to show any sort of a profit. In many cases, a blog may not make a dime in its first year. Quitting your day job means jumping into a business that won’t pay off for a very long time.
Blogging success isn’t guaranteed. Some niches, for example, won’t make much money. Other niches, such as the Internet writing niche, can be profitable. I discovered this with a hobby blog about Dungeons and Dragons that I created. After six months, I’d zero in revenue. I kept the D&D blog as a hobby, but started up my Internet writing blog, which has been tremendously successful. If I had not had some other sources of income when I was only doing the D&D blog, however, I’d have been in big trouble.
Day jobs provide better benefits than blogging. Chances are you get sick time, vacation time, paid holidays and health insurance with your day job. Blogging doesn’t provide you with any of that. To be able to quit your day job to blog, you’ve got to have a steady enough source of income already so that you can still pay your mortgage if you get a cold.
Blogging is a single area that, while profitable now, may not be forever. If you quit your day job, you’d better have a more diverse source of income than just blogging. It may be that you’ve got a product to sell on your blog; if blogging ever goes away, you can still sell the product through whatever medium replaces blogging. You might diversify your efforts, and write web content as well as blog. Whatever you do, you’ve got to see your blogging career as a small business that offers many services.

Once your blog is providing a steady stream of reliable income, you might start to consider quitting your day job to blog, but not until then.

Bob Younce is a professional Internet writer living in Linwood, Michigan. Bob loves helping new writers improve their craft, avoid the most common sorts of Internet Writing mistakes and fully realize their dreams.

Visit his blog at

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Are Job Blogs Useful?

It seems that everywhere you look online these days there are blogs about almost every topic you can think of and the with the job market so hotly contested now there are many job blogs are well. Because it is so easy to be a blogger and there are many free sites that allow anyone to blog about anything that means the number of job blogs online is simply astounding.

With so many to choose from there are obviously going to be some that are better than others, but overall are job blogs useful? The answer all depends on which job blogs you are looking at and also what type of information you are trying to find.

The main differences that you will find with most job blogs are that they are either maintained by an individual person or by a corporation. Some individual maintained blogs can be very useful as many are maintained by people who used to be in the business of job recruiting or some other form of employment finding. These kind of job blogs can be handy is you are looking for advice on what to say in an interview and how to dress and so on.

While the blogs that are maintained by the individuals are somewhat useful from time to time, it is more often than not the corporate employment blogs that really offer you a great source of free information. The nice thing about job blogs that are maintained by corporations is that they often give valuable insights to their companies and if you are attempting to get a job at one of these places then the corporate run job search blogs are a must see. Many times they will offer you an insight to the company itself and flat out tell you what to expect if you want to work for them.

However, the best run and most valuable job blogs that you will find in relation to the job market as a whole will be attached to job websites. Websites such as and have their own dedicated blogs and these blogs will be filled with all sorts of tips, tricks, and general information in regards to finding a job. Additionally you can get advice on post interview tips, follow up tips, and the like all for free. Their job blogs are generally free to view and if you are a member of their site you can even make a comment on a posting if you so desire.

So the answer to the question is yes, job blogs can be very useful only at different degrees. However, when you are in the hunt for the perfect job then every bit of free information that you can gather up will only be to your benefit. While you may have to spend some time searching through the different job search blogs that are online today, it may be well worth it if you land your dream job as a result of the free information that you uncover.

Learn more job search strategies on the job search blog.

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Blog Jobs: Build a Professional Full-Time Career

Blogging is a huge industry, with some 60,000 blogs created every day. These blogs are created by individuals, and by companies, both small and large. With so many new blogs being created, there are many blog jobs available.

If you have some experience in blogging, getting jobs writing for others’ websites can increase your income, as well as your visibility. It’s very hard for new bloggers to get known, so writing for larger blogs, for pay, can lead to more traffic on your own site.

You can quickly develop a second income, and can build a professional full-time career.

Who Hires Bloggers?

If you check on outsourcing sites, you’ll find many opportunities there. The projects on those sites may be placed by large companies, or by individuals. Often companies want to launch a blog in conjunction with the launch of a new product, or want to give a marketing boost to an older product.

Individuals want to create blogs to promote causes, companies, and products. Many blogs are also started as moneymaking activities.

You can be hired to create a specific number of posts per week, or month. Some projects will ask you for an hourly rate, and will offer a set number of hours per week.

Unfortunately, you’ll find that the rates on the outsourcing sites are low. There are other ways to get jobs, so read on.

How to Find Good Blog Jobs

If you want to build a professional full-time blogging career, experience counts. Therefore it’s best to start by creating your own blog first. If you’re known as someone who has a good site, then you can quickly develop a network and chances are that you will be offered jobs blogging for others without hunting for them.

Network with other bloggers, and let them know that you’re looking for opportunities.

Of course, building a popular blog takes time. If you want to shortcut this process, you can, by guest blogging.

Finding Blog Jobs Through Guest Blogging

Most blogs hire guest bloggers occasionally. They might need someone to fill in while a regular member of staff is going on holidays, or they may just want to offer different points of view to their readers.

When you’re aware of this, you can approach your favorite blogs, and tell them that you’re available to create guest posts when needed. When you do this, be sure to offer topic ideas.

It’s very possible to turn blogging into a full-time professional career. There are so many blogs created every day, that many people are already doing this. You can join them.

Want to blog for large companies and make a six-figure income? Become a professional blogger with Angela Booth’s exciting new “Blogging Ace: Make Six Figures in Nine Months by Doing What You Love” training. Discover why the top jobs are never advertised, and why companies are desperate for content. Angela’s been blogging [] for a decade, and provides great free information at her Blogging for Dollars Blog.

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